How To Style Up In Your Own Way

 "Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you express by the way you dress and the way you live” -Gianni Versace- Fashion designer

Some of us express ourselves with what we wear, some care less about the looks but the comfort. Each of us is unique and have our own unique tastes for the clothes we choose, food we eat and the life we love to live. Our tastes lead us to the choices we make. But sometimes you can't find what you're looking for. Usual shopfronts may not provide you the outfits that are up to your style or the regular online stores may not deliver the quality and comfort that would please you. You don't need to wear black or gray in winter when you're into more colors. And you don't need to throw that fancy skirt or blouse into garbage just a few months after purchasing because they wore off quickly. 

This might be disappointing and even aggravative sometimes. But that doesn't mean there's no solution, or accessible solutions. There are... And we aim to be one of them*...

Let's talk about harem pants for example (do we have to say they're the apple of our eyes?)... When we first launched our harem pants collection, we received quite good amount of feedbacks from friends, customers and anyone heard about us. Many led us to the understanding that there are significant people out there that have been looking for onorthodox outfits for some time and hardly could find. And if they could, the available sizes wouldn't fit. It was so empowering to see that what we brought with love is appreciated with love:-) Some say you either love harem pants or you don't, there's nothing in between. This might be true time to time, but something is for sure, once you get to wear harem pants you get addicted to them:-)

"How to style harem pants?" would be the primary question to answer in the beginning. When you match them with the right tops and shoes / boots you can get the perfect look for a music festival, a beach party, dinner with friends, a wekkend getaway or just for lounging at home. You can style harem pants up for a boho look or an urban casual look.They would serve you well in a perfect way in many instances.

black harem pants for men, big and tall pants for big men, plus size pants.

If black is your color, pair your harem pants with loose t-shirts, this would give you the casual comfort. The color of your shirt would enable you to get either boho look or urban look. Swap your t-shirt with a linen shirt and you're good to go to a dinner out or a party. 

If looking for more floral and colorful options, dainty floral harem pants would be your direction to go:-) A bit of more dropped crotch can add more to your style. Pair them with linen tops and make your statement wherever you go!

 Ditsy floral harem pants and linen top for women. Plus size harem pants for tall women.

When the weather gets warmer, linen provides you the natural comfort. Go for linen harem pants, they won't dissapoint you. 

linen harem pantd for men, linen pants for big and tall men. sustainable clothes.

Alternatives to linen when talking about sustainable fabrics? Go for lyocell or tencel. They're the perfect siblings to linen:-)

sustainable lyocell harem pants for women with plus sizes available.  custom made pants.

After you pick the right harem pants to your choic and feel the comfort in them they would definitely be your number one choice when going out or staying at home. Having the size options from XS to 6X and length options from petite to tall will you the freedom to enjoy them more.

Are you a harem pants lover or a potential one? Let us know ...

Delivering the unique, stylish, comfy and quality outfits is the main pillar of Odana's Charm's basis. We ethically handmade our designs for stylish men and women who look for the unique that meet high quality standards. And when you can't find the right size or style that would fit your body, we're here to help with our customization services.  

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