Named after the Goddess of Fire, Od Ana we create the timeless and sustainable outfits for men and women and eco-friendly supplies for your zero waste home.

Our story goes back before the beginning of time. Od Ana, The Goddess of Fire was said to have been born at the beginning of the world, when the earth and sky separated. She protects the fire just as she protects home, family and the nature. She's the wise one and was depicted as a woman in red in ancient shaman prayers.

Following the spirit of Od Ana, the wise Goddess, Odana's brings the timeless designs into life. Inspired by nature and respecting the wisdom of ancient shamans, we aim to create the outfits for you to wear in comfort for years and environmental friendly supplies for your sustainable home. We never return to Mother Nature, because we never left her. She's in our roots, heart and soul. We'd be happy to share the charm of Odana with you through our designs. 

Our commitment to eco-friendly production ensures that you can enjoy our products with the confidence that it is safe for both you and the environment. We take pride in our handmade process and use only high-quality materials in the creation of our products.