About Odana's

How we live is what makes us real...

Odana's is the "dream came true" brand of a passionate designer,  Aslı Alptekin Selman. Growing up in a creative home, creating and making have always been as essential as breathing to her. After years in corporate environment working as an architect, it was time to bring these designs out into the open and share with the world. Odana's Charm came into life as an idea in 2018 and was born as a brand in 2019. 

Since from the beginning, we dissociated ourselves from fast fashion industry. Our aim for quality is to create the sustainable outfits for men and women who look for the unique and comfortable outfits that can be used for years. Our aim for design is to deliver you the extraordinary; Things that you can't find in everyday life in regular stores, but most colorful quality outfits and acessories to radiate the positive vibes. We can custom make your clothes, in the way you like them to be and feel yourself happy. Within our Odana's Sustainable Home Collection, we deliver the eco-friendly supplies for your zero waste home.

Our fashion line is designed by Aslı and ethically handmade in our atelier in Istanbul by a team of great people who have true passion for what they do and aim the perfection. Join us and discover our vibrant collection of clothes : linen pants, linen harem pants, tencel pants, jumpsuits, boho skirts, tribal tops and many more... Take a look at our paperless paper towels, napkins, beeswraps, Furoshiki reusable gift wraps and compact hair / beach / bath towels and bath robes. Drop us a note if you cannot find what you are looking for or need alterations in any idesign from our collection. We have the flexibility to do that:-)

We love our little beautiful planet and being a part of it. We inspire from it, nurtured by it. And we believe, the more we share the more value we add to life. This is why we donate certaion amount of our sales proceeds to Civil Society Organizations who work for (welfare, education and future of) children and nature. With every purchase you make from us, you help us to create a better world.

Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet. And we're happy to be a part of it.

Greetings from Istanbul 

Odana's Team